it's ok
one day
i'm here so i'll be with your f o r e v e r
i am
b monkey
As ă species' intelligence increăses, so does
its căpăcity to drive itself to premăture
extinction, it seems.
Don't you find it such a pity that the vast
majority of us die before we even have the
chance to be born?
The self is naught but an illusion; it is only
when you will realize the intrinsic
interconnectedness of the universe that you will
be able to find true satisfaction.
Let us bre@k free from our ch@ins of petty p@ins
@nd ple@sures; let us bre@k free, then turn our
@ttention to those of the poorest @nd most
powerless @nd rele@se them, @s well.
Why is it that you seek fleeting and fickle
happiness when you can seek eternal and
unchanging truth?